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Autumn - 26 March 08:49

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Thaddeus - 13 February 04:42

Toute la météo. La police canadienne a annoncé mercredi le démantèlement d'un réseau de prostitution qui a fait entrer illégalement au Canada plus de jeunes femmes, la plupart chinoises et des sud-coréennes.

Jayne - 10 December 23:06

Just fuck

Christina - 17 November 14:16

Nothing is obvious without argumentation. That just shows you don't understand the process of logical debate. Even the proverbial elephant in the room must be proven to be there, even if that is simply pointing at the big hulking form of the animal. That in itself is evidence. You, however, to use the same analogy, stand in a SEEMINGLY empty room, claiming there's an elephant there. Nobody's going to believe you until you show there is one. Show ONE manner in which homosexuality harms people.

Giagni - 12 February 19:44

Sooooo since I do see the bright side and I so act lucky and I am lucky why dont I get lucky? Answer me that mrs sexypants.

Melani - 5 February 03:21

4:17 - 4:23 "Dick extension". I already knew it looked fake, not because of the size, but because it just looked "off". From that period, it just proves it lol. I do like the "roleplay" though, very great deepthroating skills.